Optical Zonu Partners with Former EMCORE Resellers to Address Market Gap

Company Grows Global Footprint, Expands into New Markets in Wake of EMCORE Optoelectronics Business Closure

We are thrilled to grow our domestic and international aerospace and defense business with the addition of these key reseller partners.”

— Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu Corporation


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 18, 2023 — Optical Zonu Corporation, a leading provider of radio frequency over fiber (RFoF) transport solutions, today announced it has partnered with several former EMCORE resellers including UR GroupProTEQ Solutions, and RF Electronic Sales. The new distribution and sales partnerships expand Optical Zonu’s presence in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States and in Germany, Japan, and Italy.

After EMCORE dissolved its optoelectronics business in late April, resellers were faced with an influx of customer inquiries and nowhere to turn. Optical Zonu’s EMCORE Customer Relief Program, which offers RFoF infrastructure replacement and ongoing technical support for former EMCORE aerospace and defense customers, provided a natural match for former EMCORE resellers to transition to a new supplier and continue business without any interruption.

“We are thrilled to grow our domestic and international aerospace and defense business with the addition of these key reseller partners,” said Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu Corporation. “Our emphasis isn’t just to provide best-in-class custom RFoF solutions for this market, but offering exceptional technical support and managed services to be the ideal partner for our distributors.”

Based in Milan, Italy, UR Group is one of Europe’s leading technology enablement companies and provider of advanced communications systems, subsystems and end-to-end solutions utilizing sensor, IP networking, wireless, fiber-optic and satellite technologies. ProTEQ Solutions serves customers throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, and RF Electronic Sales offers a wide range of RF, microwave and lightwave products to the NY metro area and beyond.

“Optical Zonu was the ideal partner for transitioning potential customers from EMCORE products,” said Tony Bocchimuzzo, technical sales representative at RF Electronic Sales. “They were able to find comparable products almost immediately and understood the nuances of the product environment to ensure accuracy and minimal downtime. We provide exceptional customer service and we hold our OEM partners to the same standard.”

The EMCORE Customer Relief Program is a turnkey offering that provides 24/7 technical service support, onsite technician training, onsite installation and support as needed, and is capable of identifying the comparable and compatible Optical Zonu products in less than two hours. The replacement equipment from Optical Zonu can be equipped with its patented small pluggable transceiver that can be inserted in any device and is capable of locating fiber faults within a few meters for reduced detection time.
“I had a 20-year relationship with EMCORE optical solutions until their broadband division closure left a void in providing my customers with RF Over Fiber and Optical Delay Line solutions,” said Steve Moloy, senior sales engineer at ProTEQ. “We are fortunate to have quickly pivoted to Optical Zonu, which provides another best-in-class manufacturer of these solutions to complement our existing RF/MMW/Digital and ATE system test solutions. Optical Zonu is a great addition to our comprehensive line of tier-1 cutting edge technology solutions.”

For Optical Zonu’s complete EMCORE product replacement guide and more information about the EMCORE Customer Relief Program visit, https://www.opticalzonu.com/2023/06/optical-zonu-launches-emcore-customer-relief-program-for-former-emcore-ad-customers/.

About Optical Zonu Corporation
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