Phased Array Antennae Systems

Phased array and phased array antenna systems rely upon the high fidelity signal transport of RF signals to antenna elements that are arranged in geographically dispersed patterns. Beam steering is achieved by adjusting the phase (delay) of signals to different antenna elements. The Optical Zonu Switched Delay Line System is a highly configurable 19” rack mount system that supports up to 212 (4096) switched delays. The RF input and output of the system are Optical Zonu RF over fiber pluggable modules that support the required RF frequency bands and RF performance. Optical switching modules control the routing through, or bypass of, discrete optical delay line elements. In this way, a maximum of 2N (N is the number of discrete delay elements) resulting delays may be realized.

Actual phase delays and delay resolution are customizable. The RF gain through the system may be set to be proportional to the delay amount or may be set in an optical AGC mode where the system RF output is at a constant RF power level.

All RF over Fiber, Optical Switch, Power Supply, and JS14 Management & Control modules are pluggable and field replaceable. RF status and optical switching may be monitored and controlled via SSH command line interface, HTTP Web user interface, Optical Zonu Managed RFoF graphical user interface, and/or SNMP v2 and v3.