Optical Zonu Launches Third Generation of ZONUConnect Base Station to DAS Fiber Optic Transport System

OZC Offers New Frequency Band-specific Modularity for Multi-sector Indoor Wireless Deployments


Los Angeles, CA – September 12, 2023 – Optical Zonu Corporation, a leading provider of radio frequency over fiber (RFoF) transport solutions, has announced the launch of ZONUConnect 3.0, the next generation of its popular fiber optic transport system connecting multi-sector base transceiver stations (BTS) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) for distances of 300 ft. to 16 miles. The carrier-grade system is now “future-proof,” boasting hot-swappable individual band amplifiers in a compact design to simplify indoor wireless deployments and reduce costs.

ZONUConnect 3.0 features modular trays that can remain in the rack while individual amplifiers are removed and replaced without shutting down the system. This new feature allows customers the ability to swap bands, easily upgrade their network to emerging frequency bands like C-band and CBRS as well as provide ease of maintenance in the case of a faulty module. Previously, if a single band amplifier failed to connect the BTS and DAS, the entire solution had to be sent for repair. Now, it’s only a simple plugin at the DAS interface tray and the BTS point of interface (POI).

“The new ZONUConnect 3.0 not only addresses common wireless carrier challenges relating to BTS and DAS connectivity, but also simplifies the deployment process and reduces the overall costs associated with establishing, scaling, and maintaining DAS networks,” said Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu. “These capabilities are essential as wireless carriers in the US continue to grow their services and cater to the increasing demands of their subscribers, especially at major venues such as malls, stadiums, corporate offices and high-rise buildings.”

Additional benefits of the modular ZONUConnect 3.0 solution include:

● Minimizing Fiber Count: ZONUConnect 3.0 uses CWDM (coarse wave division multiplexing) or DWDM (dense wave division multiplexing) to combine up to six and 20 uplink and downlink paths on a single fiber, respectively. Additionally, ZONUConnect 3.0 combines multiple bands on a single optical channel resulting in the highest spectral efficiency when compared to Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI)-over-fiber.

● Minimal Rack Footprint: The fiber transport process consists of two full MIMO sectors in a 3 U chassis that can support up to six bands per MIMO sector. The sizable bandwidth enables the POI (point of interface) at the BTS and the DAS interface tray to pre-combine all the bands onto a single RF path and minimizes the equipment needed at both sites.

● Optical Compensation as Needed: For instances where compensation is needed for higher optical loss, ZONUConnect 3.0 provides a stand-alone 1U rack-mounted Extender Tray at the DAS head end location.

● Minimal Commissioning Time: The simplicity of ZONUConnect 3.0 means that even the largest systems can be deployed and commissioned in less than a day.

● Lower Power Consumption: ZONUConnect 3.0 combines multiple bands with a minimized fiber count for maximum energy efficiency.

To support growing mobile carrier demand for low latency and high bandwidth BTS to DAS connection, Optical Zonu has hired Vinny (Hwoi Yong) Chung as a Wireless Carrier Sales Engineer responsible for building and managing US wireless carrier technical sales along with potential commercial, government and military customers. Vinny has over 25 years of experience specializing in the RF and wireless infrastructure industry in previous executive positions with KMW Communications and Ace Technologies Corp. He has a proven track record of consistently building strategic partnerships with major US wireless carriers that drive significant growth.

“Optical Zonu’s reputation for being at the forefront of RFoF technology and their commitment to innovation and excellence makes it an ideal opportunity for furthering my career trajectory,” said Chung. “I am honored, excited, and humbled to join Optical Zonu’s amazing team of professionals and look forward to being part of the company’s success and growth.”

For more information on Optical Zonu and ZONUConnect 3.0, visit: https://www.opticalzonu.com/system-solutions/zonuconnect-universal-base-station-to-das-fiber-transport/

About Optical Zonu Corporation
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