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Managed RFoF

Radio Frequency (RF) analog signal transport over Fiber (RFoF) are used by wireless service providers, military/government agencies, broadcast, satellite communication, and commercial enterprises worldwide.

RFoF enables signal transport of multi-band frequencies point to point and point to multipoint with optical multiplexing and/or RF multiplexing.

Managed RFoF (RF over Fiber) is the suite of tools and applications that may be used to monitor and control local and geographically dispersed analog signal transport systems. Monitoring management and commissioning of RFoF links are dramatically simplified with a unified management approach that enable full mix and match components to work together.

ManagedRFoF™ is the first system that enables intuitive simplified approach to complex analog signal distribution networks. Applications are embedded with all Optical Zonu modules that enable unified full Network Management System (NMS) approach. . Each physical location requires only one IP address regardless of the number for RFoF transmitters or receivers at the site.  As long as there IP connectivity (OZC equipment can also provide GbE connectivity to remote locations) , the full set of management and control GUI  , is accessible with only Web Browser .  BUT can also be managed via full featured NMS in client-server GUI mode. Optical Zonu partners with CloudView NMS . This universal NMS fully supports all Optical Zonu manageable products.

Managed RFoF is neutral by design and may be integrated into larger SNMP network management systems for BTS-DAS, GPS network synchronization, Public Safety, Teleport and Satcom Ground System transport, and Broadcasting systems

Basic Architecture

  • All modules have IIC connectivity
  • Every Chassis (outdoor box) provides backplane connectivity to a master controller – accessible via USB
  • Many chassis can be connected via USB Hub to a switch Engine that contains an embedded server
  • The server can be interrogated via SNMP, SSH, WebUI or GUI
  • NMS offers multisite Monitor and control capabilities.

Managed RFoF User Benefits

Universality Across Optical Zonu Products – All Optical Zonu equipment (ZonuConnect, J3U Chassis, J-Chassis, OZC9500 chassis, Antenna Extender, eFiberSat, Switched Delay Lines, etc.) may be accessed through a single IP address.

Ease of Installation – Managed RFoF requires no application installation. Simply connect a browser to the target IP address (embedded within the JS14/S11 hardware), and systemwide monitoring/control is available. JS14/S11 firmware may be easily updated remotely, providing ready access to all system administrators of new monitoring/control features.

In addition to running in an internal agent accessible via a browser, Managed RFoF applications may be run from installed PC applications or integrated into existing monitoring tools such as SITE Portal.

SNMP v2 and v3 – Transparent SNMP support facilitates instant reporting of conditions and integration into larger network management systems.

Multiple Monitoring Interface Options – Systems may be monitored via Optical Zonu graphical user interface (GUI), simple HTTP TCP/IP user interface, SNMP, and SSH command line interface (CLI) serial console (over IP or locally).

System Demarcation – Managed RFoF systems provide three levels of system access, all password protected. Systems may be segregated per user or application. IP access to systems may overlap per user security requirements. Parallel redundant management architectures may be created.

Multi-Rack Monitoring – Multiple racks of equipment may be monitored (by accessing a single IP address) by interconnection with serial USB interface

Fiber Integrity Monitoring – OZC’s patented OTDR technology facilitates fast fiber fault finding to increase System Availability.

System Birth Certificate – A snapshot of system settings and performance may be recorded at time of system commissioning.

Alarm Threshold Settings – System administrators may prioritize and set alarm thresholds per application. Event logs track and store all relevant system events.

Auto Discovery – Connected Optical Zonu equipment may automatically detected and incorporated into the fiber subsystem being monitored by SNMP or the Optical Zonu graphical user interface.

Managed RFoF Features and Technology

Features of Optical Zonu’s Managed RFoF suite of remote management capabilities include the following.

  • Hierarchical user interface presentation for drill down capability – view Network, Site, Chassis/Enclosure, Module/Slot, and Sub-slot levels
  • All access functionality resides within an embedded web agent within the Optical Zonu switches
  • Multiple chassis monitoring from a single IP address via USB serial connectivity of varied chassis/equipment to a common USB hub
  • User may access via Optical Zonu graphical user interface, HTTP web browser interface, SNMP v2 and v3, and SSH serial command line interface (CLI)
  • Equipment is immediately recognized when installed
  • Managed RFoF provides access to patented mOTDR fast fiber fault finding functionality
  • Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switch with both web and console management systems

The various Managed RFoF agent interfaces are shown below. Three TCP control and interface options are available; one via HTTP UI, one via OZC graphical user interface (GUI), and one via SNMP v2 and v3. The fourth option available for control is a direct serial console.

The Managed RFoF agent provides the capability to monitor multiple and various models of Optical Zonu equipment by logging a browser into a single IP address. Optical Zonu equipment are connected via a USB hub by serial USB.


Optical Zonu MRFoF Hierarchy