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Gain the SFC Edge

SFC is the Edge Access Network Solution for delivery of Fiber Optic Commercial Data (FE/GbE/SONET/SDH) Services in “Fiber-Starved” HFC and other Telecommunications Networks. OZC provides SFC Technology with a complete line of products for Business Class Commercial Services. The OZC Value Proposition is that our SFC Technology DOUBLES Optical Fiber Capacity (compared to legacy CWDM implementations) and delivers Operational Benefits to improve the Service Provider’s ROI, over both the short and long term.

SFC Technology

SFC is the acronym used to describe Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM, SFP Transceivers over Single Wavelength, the associated Passive Optical Components (e.g. 8 Channel Mux/Dmux, 4+6 Channel “Adder” Mux/Dmux or Single Channel Add/Drop) and Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch CPE, used primarily by MSOs to offer Commercial Services over their installed Hybrid Fiber-Coax (HFC) Cable Plant of Single Mode Fiber. A link consisting of a Single Fiber connected from one SFC Transceiver to the other, both transmitting over the same ITU channel, generate a Point-to-Point (P2P) link. Multiple SFC Transceivers, operating at different ITU CWDM wavelengths, are multiplexed together by our passive Mux/Dmux components, transmitted over a Single Fiber, and de-multiplexed to an identical set of SFC Transceivers at the other end, create multiple autonomous P2P independent links over Single Fiber.

Our SFC links can support up to Ten (10) Wavelengths, or Ten (10) Customers, on a Single Fiber Link, for 40 Km or 80 Km reference Link Distances. This means fewer SKUs to inventory, track and manage, as well as, less splicing in the field, simplified fiber optics inventory and higher Network Reliability. Complete end to- end optical link ZonuColor Coding simplifies operation, reduces installation time and limits installation errors.

Ten (10) GbE Channels CWDM yields a virtual 10 GbE Link over a Single Fiber.