Illustration of Micro-OTDR Value Proposition

Fiber optics engineers working in the field

Recently, one of our network customers shared an experience, along with resulting insights, to illustrate the value proposition of our Micro-ODTR feature.

Some years ago, when a machete-wielding grounds-crew was clearing brush behind the business that hired them, an optical fiber cable was cut, causing the network service of a key subscriber to go down.

By time the CSP technicians were able to “shoot” the optical fiber cable from both ends, to isolate the fault, more than four (4) hours had passed, meaning rush-hour traffic on the state road which needed to be crossed. By time the repair crews were allowed to close the road, it was after hours, and into overtime pay.

When the fiber technicians arrived on the scene, it was obvious to them that the cut was man-made. But the grounds crew was nowhere to be found, and the business that hired them did not come forward.

A day, and nearly $20,000 in repair costs later, the service was restored, with the CSP stuck with the bill.

If Micro-OTDR SFPs had been installed at the time:

  • The location of the cut would have been known immediately.
  • Field fiber technicians would have been able to get to the scene in time to catch the culprits red-handed
  • Insurance of the grounds-crew would have covered the costs of repair
  • With earlier access to the state road, the field fiber technicians would have
  • Been able to complete the repairs more quickly
  • Avoided most overtime pay
  • Minimized SLA penalties

Deployment of the Micro-OTDR SFPs, which eliminate the detection time component of the Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR), all but eliminates the chances of such a costly recurrence.

Michael Hartmann, VP of Business Development, Digital Marketing