Go!Foton Takes the Optical Zonu GPS Fiber Transport On the Road

Go!Foton, a global photonics company with a strong presence in the optical communications industry, has added the Optical Zonu GPS Over Fiber products to their Mobile Demo Vehicle that is making stops across the country.

On display are live demos of the Optical Zonu GPS Fiber Transport which provides an RF over fiber connection between the GPS antenna and mobile wireless base station equipment. It has been widely deployed in DAS sites and CRAN hubs and is the only such solution approved by all three US mobile wireless carriers.

Also being shown is the Optical Zonu GPS Extender. This is a low cost GPS over connection specifically for 4G and 5G enterprise eFemto cells.

This product, along with Go!Foton’s FiberFast, provides a solution that is virtually invisible in commercial and residential properties.

About Optical Zonu: Optical Zonu Corporation (www.opticalzonu.com) is a privately owned, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components for Analog Transmission, Digital Transmission, Business Class Services and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing. OZC is the leading supplier of Full Duplex, Single Fiber, Single Wavelength Transceivers and RF over Fiber Optic Links. OZC maintains important strategic and global relationships in the industry and cooperates with major vendors and suppliers of optical, communication and electronic devices, to enable rapid production of cutting-edge solutions.

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About Go!Foton: Go!Foton (www.GoFoton.com ) brings innovation to the market with proven expertise in optics and photonics that solves real world problems for its customers with a scalable and customized approach. The company serves the telecom and data center markets with long haul, metro, and broadband wireline and wireless access applications, and also supplies optical materials and components to the imaging, medical, and instrumentation industries. A global enterprise with sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, Go!Foton maintains R&D and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Japan, China, and the Philippines.