OZC9500 Signal Transport to Multiple Locations

OZ9500 - Optical Zonu Corporation

The Optical Zonu OZC9500 19” 1RU transport chassis is a flexible platform that houses up to eight transmitters and/or receivers of any of the following types.

  • 30 – 3000 MHz RF
  • 30 – 4000 MHz RF
  • 30 – 6000 GHz RF
  • 10 – 200 MHz Low Phase Noise Reference
  • L1, L2 GPS

Signals may be combined in any configuration, and CWDM allows for the transport of multiple signals over a single fiber. Adding Ethernet fiber transport to each chassis in a multi-chassis configuration allows for remote monitoring of all chassis from a single Ethernet connection to any one chassis.

In the configuration shown below, three locations share (pairwise) two transmit and two receive channels over a single fiber using CWDM. This example could be expanded to add more locations, each monitored from a single Ethernet connection.

OZ9500 - RFoF Multiple Locations