OZC is a Winner at the World Series

When you are playing in the World Series and you have homefield advantage like the Houston Astros did, you want to make sure that your fans have access to every form of online media, using their phones, tablets or other connected devices…. And they did with the Optical Zonu ZonuConnect in their starting line up.

The ZonuConnect is a BTS to DAS fiber transport solution that is robust, and cost-effective. How robust? This Fiber Transport system has been installed and functioning at Minute Maid Park for more than five years! and is still hitting home runs.

Optical Zonu builds hardware that is made to last, and when we engage in developing a design with our Cellular Carrier partners we help them to build the best network possible, that is ready to support an increasing demand.

If you have a major game design issue, or just need a quick hit our Fiber Optic Transport systems can be a simple and cost effective solution. From Capex costs through design assistance Optical Zonu can help you hit a Grand Slam on your next project….”