Optical Zonu Public Safety White Paper

Executive Summary

Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) are designed to ensure fully functional RF communication for first responders. Traditionally the system employs external Antenna (Donor Antenna) or dedicated Base Station (with wired backhaul), to connect to existing wireless network and through a system of coax cables, amplifiers, and in-building antenna, ensures coverage within the structure.  Each system addresses the topological requirements of the specific building/complex/structure.  There are many cases where the distance to the Donor Antenna, OR the dedicated Base Station, from the headend location of the in-building distribution hardware is too long for coax cable to transport the RF signals without suffering significant loss.

To solve the issue of transporting the RF signals over longer distances (where coax cable can’t be effectively utilized) – RF over Fiber transports are the main technology that are both useful and cost effective.

Currently there are no existing guidelines, set forth by the NFPA or the IFC, for public safety deployments that speak specifically to RF over Fiber Transport systems. Therefore, we infer that the NFPA and IFC certifications may not be required to deploy and utilize RF over Fiber transport, as long as the signal link integrity (RF levels, noise floor etc.) is not impacted.  Your own due diligence on this matter is advised. The following links will allow you to do your own review and make an educated decision.

Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC) offers a true neutral fiber optic transport for Public Safety.  Our products do not add or modify data, nor do they amplify the signals passed through. Rather the OZC solution does an analog conversion from RF to light and passes the light through the “lossless” environment of fiber optics, allowing the signal to pass cleanly and without degradation.

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