ZONUSkyShot New Bluetooth – GPS Tester, a practical perspective

As an integrator, or an Operations or Construction Engineer you can really understand the need for GPS timing and the critical role it plays in building a network. Whether you are integrating a Macro-site, or a small cell or DAS system GPS timing is essential.

Over the last two years our Original SkyShot product line (Software / Tethered cable) has been a regular purchase by integrators, and carriers alike. Offering the ability to capture each segment of the installation from the Antenna, to the Transmit converter, down to the receiver. A measurement and thus a performance confirmation piece by piece. Get confirmation, and confidently move on to your next project.

The ZONUSkyShot is the kind of solution that gives the hands-on engineer satisfaction in getting to see a problem, solved!

This small unit can quickly determine the GPS antenna’s visible range and be used incrementally through the install process. The software included allows for screen capturing Satellite visuals and is ideal for placement in the necessary closeout package required by all the American based carriers. Now with the App and Bluetooth capability it can all be run on your WINDOWS based OS laptop, or your Android OS phone or smart device.

Screen capture your sites timing “Birth Certificate”.

From a Sales Engineer and client management perspective I now have a tool which helps me resolve a client issue and prove the robustness of our technology. It gives an added layer of testing prior to issuing an RMA keeping our internal resources focused on actual problems. In a marketplace where customer confidence is critical this GPS Tester is an amazing line of defense in proving our GPS over fiber products.

The marketplace for the ZONUSkyShot, runs from the Integrator who is tasked with site construction, through the Operations engineer of the carriers who are ensuring their network performance.

You can learn more, download a datasheet and place an order by clicking here  https://www.opticalzonu.com/zonuskyshot-gps-tester/