Optical Zonu Expands RFoF Offering for 5G Direct-to-Cellular Satellite Services

Company Taps Former AST SpaceMobile Gateway Engineer to Support Growing Market

We have seen a surge of interest in our solutions that address this market need for connecting 5G nodes to the RF satellite equipment.”

— Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 15, 2023, Optical Zonu a leading provider of radio frequency over fiber (RFoF) transport solutions, today announced its expanded RFoF offering to improve connectivity for 5G direct-to-cellular satellite services with the hiring of former AST SpaceMobile Gateway Engineer as an Aerospace and Defense Sales Engineer.

He boasts over 30 years of experience in satellite communications sales and engineering roles. With AST SpaceMobile, he analyzed waveform transport optimization for the Gateway equipment in ST Engineering, which are required for 5G non-terrestrial network (NTN) with higher bandwidth requirements. He was also tasked with analyzing the Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability (DIFI) interfaces to meet these higher bandwidth needs. In this capacity, he was introduced to in-production Optical Zonu equipment and observed a full-scale deployment.

“We have seen a surge of interest in our solutions that address this market need for connecting 5G nodes to the RF satellite equipment,” said Meir Bartur, co-founder and CEO of Optical Zonu. “his extensive experience on the cutting edge of 5G satellite communications makes him perfectly suited to lead our efforts in helping more LEO satellite operators achieve their goals of accessible direct-to-phone satellite service around the world.”

Recent technological advancements in low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations enable operators to establish Internet and direct-to-phone satellite services, which are critical for providing connectivity to remote United States locations and many countries around the globe that lack sufficient wireless infrastructure. However, these innovative networks require Satellite Gateways to beam considerable bandwidth to/from LEO constellations and maintain low-latency high quality connection between the antenna to 5G radio access nodes. RFoF has proven to be a cost-effective and resilient solution to address the need to provide high bandwidth, low-latency and resilient RF signal transport between these points.

“It became clear very quickly that by joining Optical Zonu I would be part of a team offering critical solutions for the satellite communications market, particularly in supporting the emerging direct-to-cellular 4G/5G services”  “As LEO satellite technology continues to mature, it holds great promise for transforming global communication that will require RFoF solutions to support intensive low-latency and high bandwidth requirements.”

For more information on Optical Zonu and its RFoF services for satellite communication, visit https://www.opticalzonu.com/system-solutions/l-s-band-satcom-fiber-transport/.