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Exploring GNSS Timing Applications Using RF-over-Fiber

Oftentimes people confuse truly remarkable technologies with the mundane simply because “it just works.” There is no evidence of this quite like with wireless communication. There are countless mission-critical data transactions happening every moment across industries including telecommunications, finance, power & utilities, navigation and military & defense. The accuracy and stability of those transactions rely on the perfect synchronization of internal clocks that are constantly drifting ever-so-slightly from one another. If there aren’t mechanisms put in place to keep these clocks synchronized, there can be significant data corruption at best or even a failure to communicate.

This is becoming especially challenging now that communication is more advanced and complex with each passing day. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) introduces new connections requiring synchronization, endpoints are more geographically dispersed, and many industries are taking advantage of higher radio frequencies (RF) for low latency and higher throughput at the expense of resiliency. It is important to understand the role of timing across different applications in relation to these changes and why fiber is playing a crucial role in ensuring communication can still happen as efficiently and effectively as before.  Read rest of article here https://www.everythingrf.com/community/exploring-gnss-timing-applications-using-rf-over-fiber