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SkyShot GPS Tester – Transcription

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This video is part of our series of video that are designed to provide an introductory and simple explanation to our product offering for those of you who work for a Major U.S Wireless carrier please check our LinkedIn user group that is dedicated to the specific equipment that is used by

your carrier in general we are always here to help both in the design in explanation we are working out one-on-one any which way that we can do to help in making our product users friendly and useful for you on your particular application thank you for your attention and here is the video.

Hello this is Britt from Optical Zonu today we’re going to give a brief overview of Optical Zonu’s new Bluetooth enabled SkyShot GPS tester as an integrator or a construction site engineer

or a network quality assurance engineer at a new installation site one must be prepared to answer various questions, what is the signal strength getting to and through my GPS antenna

is my GPS distribution network architecture meeting or exceeding all stated requirements is my equipment optimized for the specific site or location and in the event that an issue or a fault is identified what is an efficient troubleshooting methodology Optical Zonu’s SkyShot GPS tester provides solutions to all of these questions.  The SkyShot is capable of tracking up to 16 GPS satellites simultaneously and it is always looking for new satellites coming over the horizon.

The SkyShot interfaces to a visual output device in order to display its data traditionally SkyShot has connected to a laptop computer the USB serial interface to display data the new version of the GPS Bluetooth enabled GPS tester connects to a smartphone to display output data on a smartphone the SkyShot GPS tester is stored in a hard plastic case the kit consists of the

GPS receiver itself the sky shot GPS receiver we also have an ac to 5-volt power supply for charging the SkyShot receiver we have a USB cable for charging as well as tethering to a laptop we have a USB flash drive that houses the necessary drivers and application software for both the laptop and smartphone, and we also have a short section of 50-ohm rf cable for connecting the sky shot into various locations rf locations within the GPS distribution network

in conclusion the Bluetooth enabled sky shot GPS tester provides the opportunity of saving time and assuring success in GPS and timing installations for more information please visit us at our website thank you very much