Do not just ask your Switch/Router OEM for the Micro-OTDR Feature…. Demand it!

In the last post we described how a Customer informed us that his Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch® Managed Gigabit Fiber Switch reads out the Micro-ODTR data without firmware modifications being required.

Other Switch models with this same capability – refreshing the Page A0 IDPROM when prompted – are also capable of reading the Micro-OTDR without a firmware change.  The host equipment must always refresh the Base ID Fields directly from the SFP EEPROM, and not just save the data to cache memory at power-up.

It is the Alternate Micro-OTDR Readout feature which makes this possible.

The characteristics of the Alternate Micro-OTDR Readout include:

  • Values displayed are real-time.
  • All reflections are counted, but only the distance to the farthest is displayed.
  • Serves as indicator of Micro-OTDR status.

This is good news for everybody, because it allows the upgrading your network to exploit the benefits of the Micro-OTDR feature, with minimum Engineering effort.

The Micro-OTDR feature eliminates the detection time component of repair costs and reduces the chances of a fault recurring.